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Ray The Handyman. LLC
Since 1999
KB@H - Remodeling
Since 2016
Kitchen Bath and Home -
The above is not a listed company with the state yet. All is run threw Ray The Handyman

Home and Business services

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We serve Longmont and Front Range Cities

Thank you to everyone who has hired us since 1999
Andrew and I still do small jobs, but in the past
couple of years we have really got into bathroom
remodels, pouring custom shower pans, custom
tile, shampoo in wall shelves. Our Face Book
page shows many projects we have done.
I still build and work on my own web site.

It's not fancy like others.

My goal is to give you the best up to date information as I complete jobs worth
putting on my web site.

Some jobs are not worthy of pictures, like drywall,same color painting, cabinet
doors repaired and wall texture.

You will find spelling and grammar errors.
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I was voted
Best of Longmont

Best Handyman in the
Daily Times call News
Paper Readers Choice
1st place 2012 and 2013
2nd place 2014 and
1st place 2015.
1st Place in 2016


I'm not going to show every
plaque I get on this page.
Takes up to much room.
Ray The Handyman
While I'm working, I
may not answer my
I may be
painting, texturing, on
a high ladder, in an I
don't always like
talking on the phone
while my customers
I return phone calls
late afternoon or early
And sometimes during
the day depending on
my schedule

Best way to
communicate with
me is email

I understand email is
less personal, but for
me can be quicker.
I came in 2nd place.

I don't use Social Media to
get or buy votes, I get
them by trying to do a
great service.
I found $1000.00 in cash while working
alone in an empty house, I turned it over
to the home owners, more on the story
under Info about Ray on the above tab.
I was on TV, Fox 31 and Channel 7 , I had
several radio stations wanting to talk to
me. It was a fun time. Even got as far as
ABC in New York. Just go to YouTube, type
in Handyman finds One thousand dollars.
In YouTube type in Handyman finds $1000
You will find my TV interviews.

I just received an
e-mail I was voted #1
for 2015

Thank You
As of June 2015 my son
Andrew now works with
If possible email us. Our phone rings off the hook,
thank you for all the business, but if we answered
every call we would not get any work done. And it,s
tough to respond at night at home to 10 or more
voice mails. Plus go out and do quotes at
7:00pm..and stay married ...LOL

I can have 17 voice mails , I just can not call
everyone back...I,m sorry. As 2016 I,ve been doing
this 17 years, one can not work 7:00am to 9:00pm
every day and keep a sound mind.

We pick up materials at 7:00am to be at your home
by 8:00am, I go out and do bids / quotes after hours,
then go home to work on quotes, so one can see the
long days, then to answer all voice mails is hard.
I,ve been married 31 years..I like to see another 31
I can normally answer an email much faster than a
phone call..less personal..but better than nothing.
Above photos are
really..really old. All
new jobs / pictures are
posted on my Face Book
For unknown reasons,
Times Call news paper
stopped adding handyman
in the vote for selection in
2017, my thoughts are
Handyman don,t really
need to pay to get work.
This section is for anyone who is checking out this web site , checking out web sites to see if they want to get
into the handyman business.
It is a very rewarding business, it has it,s up,s and downs.
I started in 1999, only Budget Home Supply was in town on 9th ave. No fixer up TV shows like today, only way to
advertise was the news paper and telephone book. ( time flies)
The money can be good, but it comes at a cost. A normal day starts at 6:00 to 6:30am doing e mails or
responding to e mails, then off to get your materials for that days job to be on the job site at 8:00am, yes
8:00am..this is not a line of work you can just show up when you can, customers want a schedule.  Most days
are eating while you work, done around 4:00pm. I TRY to do my quotes and bids on my way home..with out
doing these, your out of work. But not everyone is home at 4:30pm. So your going back out at 7:00pm to do
your quotes, then home working on that quote until ??..I will not work for anyone until I meet them, believe me,
you can not work for everyone, you will learn this quick. They need to meet you, it really important you meet them.
This line of work is a bitch on your body, i,ve had one hernia surgery, two knee surgeries, my back went out
lifting  a door, put me i a wheel chair for a day, then all the other body pains you go threw. I,m healthy, not over
weight, weight lifted as a young man, I like to go jogging and hiking..it,s the line of work that is tough on the
The plus is, you set your own work schedule, sometimes you might be home by 2:00pm, but no work, means no
income. You get to write off all your tools, vehicles, gas, cloths,computer...this list is long. My wife keeps track
and enters our business stuff on the computer, I had to hire her to free up more of my time.
I have people asking me all the time, if we are booked out to far, is there anyone else they could contact, I tell
them anyone that is good is busy. Most come and go..can,t handle the items I mentioned above.
I could write pages of my time since 1999..but if your looking at being a handyman, great..just do it correct so we
handymen / remodeling companies don,t get a bad name.
I stopped the
Readers Choice
Award program,
it is kind of a
scam, The news
paper wanted
money to
advertise to get
votes, we would
rather gets votes
with out having to
Below is one of dozens of
bathroom remodels, the
first photo is the old
bathroom, a few more are
shown on our Face Book
Below is finished. Just needs
shower Glass installed
We build custom shower pans
We did this
bathroom in 9
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