Ray The Handyman

A little back ground about Ray The Handyman ( Ray Comeau )
Born 1960 , Married Wanda 1985 here in Longmont.  I've lived in Longmont since
Colorado since 1968
I'm a graduate of Estes Park High school

My wife is a surgical technologist and a native of Longmont
We have 2 great kids,  
Our daughter Raelynn  and is a graduate of  UNC in Business
Married and to Ryan Barnet we have one Grand daughter Lilian and Grandson

Our son Andrew  is a Graduate of U.T.I. In Phoenix Az.
U.T.I. is an automotive Tech. School
I hired my Son as of June 2015. After 16 years on my own, it is nice to have
him working with me.

I have  always worked with my hands, it just comes natural to me.
Some people are gifted to play several musical instruments or capable of speaking
several languages
I can look at something and know how to build it, fix it or make it.

I started Ray The Handyman in October of 1999.
We also started KB@H Remodeling in 2016, Kitchen Bath and Home
It is not an official business yet, just trying the name out.

My back ground was 15 years in Bearing and Power Transmission sales.
I was the store manager in the  Fort Collins store for 6 Years and 9 years
working at the Longmont store on Sherman Dr.
The Company was called Moore Bearing, then changed to Applied Industrial

I worked in Restaurants for 10 years as a kid in Estes Park.
I've been working since I was 11 years of age.
My family and I do Volunteer projects.
Mainly with the Forest Service.
The Offroad 4x4 Club in Longmont ( TrailRidge Runners ) we have been in
for 16 years and has 50 members.
Our club has adopted 5 local off 4x4 trails we maintain.

I myself Organized a group threw our club to assist the Longmont United
Hospital during snow Storms to pick up and take home Hospital Staff during
a snow storm like had in December 2006.
It's called L.F.E.A.T.
Longmont Four Wheel Emergency Assistance Team
During the 2006  snow storm we transferred in our off road vehicles over
100 Longmont United Hospital staff, one Longmont Police Officer in Niwot
needed to get to town and two 911 Dispatchers
I had 12 volunteers in there off road rigs driving around Longmont, Boulder,
Loveland, Berthoud and Louisville transporting people.
All of us and my Mother In
law in Hawaii

This was our waiter for the 14 days
on our Alaska Cruise

25th wedding aniversary
Our daughter Raelynn gave birth to our first
grand child Lilian
In the picture is Ryan , the dad
Son & Daugter
Andrew and Raelynn
Longmont painter
Longmont handyman
Longmont kitchen remodel
Longmont bathroom remodel
Longmont pest control
Longmont drywall
Longmont texture
Longmont doors installation
Longmont plumbing
Longmont Ceiling insulation
Longmont insulation Lowes Lowe's Home Depot Budget Home Centers
Ray & Wanda Comeau

We met when she was a Junior at
Niwot High School
Andrew  Wanda  Ray  and  Raelynn
Raelynn  Lillian and Ryan
Lillain  Raelynn  Wanda and Sheila

Jan. 2012
8 day 7 night cruise to the
Western Caribbean
Going to The Moon Palace 5 Star all inclusive resort in

We took our daughter and grand daughter
My wife and I work hard like most people do.
And we are true believers in traveling as much
We TRY to vacation as much now, never know
what the future holds.
I lost my dad when he was 48, Wanda lost her
father when he was 53.

We are not going to wait to travel until
As of March 5th 2014 my wife and I
have a new grandson, Brayden, His
Sister Lillian is 3-1/2.
June 2014
Oregon vacation
hiked to 14 water falls and drove the

And we did a sand rail tour.
We get to Utah, Moab area about
every two years.
Not every night we sleep on a cruise
ship, we like camping out also.
Our Niagara falls trip
Dad and Son
2014 4th of July
Most of you know, I found $1000.00
above a Medicine Cabinet while
working in an empty house alone.
I turned it over to the home owners. My
good deed ended up on national news
Local news paper Daily Times Call
write up
I was awarded $100

I did not take the
$100, was not mine to

New owners DID NOT
keep the money
They returned it to the
couple they
purchased the home
You can also search on U-tube

" handyman finds $1000.00 "

Fox News, Channel 7 and ABC.com
out of New York did a story on me.