First off, I advertise myself as a Handyman, that is just how I started in 1999, now
after many years
we still do the Handyman jobs, but have grown into more
remodeling but still keep the Handyman name.
We are not contractors, I do not sub any work, if you are in need of someone else
to come in for another task, we talk about that. They pay you, not me.

Our rates are the same no mater who we work for.
We do not mark up materials, we normally get a second receipt for the
customer on all my purchases
We do stay 100 percent on time and on schedule.
Our rates are the same for
It don't matter if you own  50 houses, live in a multi million dollar home or
live in a modest home.


We have been to Greeley, by the Denver Zoo, way East of DIA, Summit
( Frisco ) Loveland, Fort Collins, Fredrick, Firestone, Brighton,Louisville,
Lafayette, Plattville,Mead, Erie
Boulder, Longmont,Berthoud, Estes Park, Pinewood, Allenspark,
Lyons and Parker and Highlands Ranch

Estimates are Free
If you have a job you would like a bid on
Contact me and we can set up a time for me to come look at it.
Be patient, I can have as many as 10 scheduled at any one time. So it could
be a couple of weeks before I could stop by once we schedule the quote /

One of  the hardest items / jobs to price out is when someone calls for a
small job ,
like leaky toilets , doors don't latch, smoke alarm
beeping you get what we are trying to say, or install one faucet.
We TRY to work for everyone who calls me, We are grateful for the phone
But for use to drive to your home and do a 15 minute job is very hard. TRY
to add to the Honey Do List to make it worth my time and your money.
By looking around my web site, you can get a feel for what it cost to get
some projects completed.

When we travel outside Longmont, labor prices could be higher
depending on travel distance.

We DO NOT mark up materials, I do not have a city tax licence.
What I pay for materials is what I charge you
Please keep in mind, service company's like mine come to you,
It's not like you drop your car to the repair shop, take the lawn mower in
for repair, get and oil change on the car.
When we come to you it takes time, travel, van with tools and some

Once you have your to-do list completed, call us or e-mail us.

We try not to schedule 1/2 day jobs out of Longmont, full day jobs only.


I TRY to get everyone to fill 4 hours,
Items / tasks most find needing done
Kitchen and bathroom remodel

Laying tile
Driveway crack sealing
Door adjustments
Garage Door bolts checked and oil rollers
Window screens
Drywall repair
kitchen cabinet doors / lose hinges
Replace smoke alarm batteries
Sticky sliding widows
Painting , interior and exterior  
Fence repair / gate repair
Check roof shingles
Fill holes were Bee's and Wasps get in
Gutter leaks
Power wash fence or house
Furnace filter  
Tree trimming  
Sand deck
Stain deck,
Exterior lighting,
Add shelving in closets
Wood Pecker and squirrels holes
Closet doors rub or fall off   
New lighting in house.
Bad outlet or wall switch
Add dimmer to lighting
Bathroom fan needs worked on,
Towel bars are loose.
Roof  " pipe " vent rubbers are bad
Cover on chimney.  ( Spark arrestor ) Keeps animals
Clean Gutters
Seal up area's where animals can get into your house.
Sand the deck
cover a skylight ( inside )
Pesty Critters bothering you.
Bee's , wasp, snakes, squirrels, mice, rabbits, Wood Peckers

Look around, everyone can put a list together
Here is an invoice from a HVHC company laying on my customers counter.
Two guys on the job, there one hour.
Take off the I.D. motor.
The labor came to $220.00, or $110.00 per guy per hour.
I paid attention to the cleaning of the electrostatic filter, took about 10 minutes using a
garden hose. ( $80.00 ) for labor.
Same customer as above.
Carpet cleaner, cleaned duct work and did a small carpet repair.
One guy, showed up around 1:00 pm
Air duct cleaning took 2 hours
He started cleaning carpets around 3:00pm, not sure what time he finished.
I know his machines cost a lot.
So do all my tools.
$920.00 for what he did
We try to learn what companies charge for labor

If they carry insurance, are on time, don't raise prices and do a great job.
I know for a fact, people will pay extra for good service.

I know I'm not the cheapest handyman.

I hear prices from $25.00 and hour to $90.00 to $120.00 per hour.
Normally the $25.00 is an retired guy wanting extra income, and takes cash only
and probably does not carry insurance.
Being self employed, owning a business one can not keep the business going
and pay the house bills on low hourly wages.
It all depends on the travel, skills and tools required and size of the job.

Below is a copy of invoices ( not handyman ) I've seen.

I'm going to see if I can get more
If you have any to share , please do

I will not show customers name.
around 2010
I called Sears ( where we bought it )

Repair man came out.

Part was $80.00
Labor was $140.00
He was here 1/2 hour.

We paid still works, he did his job.
Was I happy with the $140.00
No I was not...but he had the skills to do the
job, and he worked for a large company that
has big overhead expenses.
In 2012 one of me new customers had

plumbing company, they charged
$350.00 to rebuild the toilet.

I know for a fact the parts only run at
the most $30.00

And a service person with skills can
rebuild a toilet in about 30 minutes.
Even if it took an hour, the hourly rate
is very high.

My warranty can go anywhere from 90 days up  to 12 months.

Some things like exterior paint, windows can be 12 months, 90
days is something like a leaky faucet or pee-trap I installed.
2017, we finished an 1800 sq,ft
basement in a new home in Firestone,
customer hired Brothers Plumbing and
Heating for the new electrical. The
company sent one man, three day job
for the rough in electrical, then he
returned for a one day finish work.

Total invoice $17,000
Should have been half that'
I contacted Brothers on email.
Commented on the price, never heard