Longmont Painter
This was a Boulder job.
Walls were white.
This house had four trim colors
I painted all the metal railing on the
There was some in front also.
I sanded the wood steps going to the
roof top deck and stained top and
I also did some silicone sealing on the decks, step repair in the garage
and fixed a hole in the stucco.
Cost to home owner $530.00 materials and labor.
09/17/07 to 09/19/07
Longmont House on Northwestern
Painted all exterior trim, front door, fascia and
Sofits . I don't show the back of the house, but
it's 2-1/2 stories high
Labor and Materials $2500.00
09 / 24 thru 10 / ?
This could be one of the larger exterior paint jobs I've taken on.
This house is in Niwot / Summer Set.

Base and Trim colors changed some. These are before pics.
I will also be staining a small deck of the Master Bedroom and replacing
the garage door seals
Labor and Materials just under $4000.00
This interior paint job took me 5 hours.
They wanted only the entry way and
two short haul way walls done.
The darker color is what I was applying
There was a lot of trimming around
doors and ceiling.
Cost $275.00

I think this was 2009 ?
Spring of 2008
House I painted in Niwot.
Trim and Base.
The color stayed the same.
All brush, no rollers or sprayers.
I did use a roller on the garage door.
Cost around $2500.00
3 pictures
This home is in Mead.
08/08 it was painted.
I painted all the facia and sofits. Front porch ceiling
and Back Porch ceiling.
Garage door trim on 4 doors.
Power washing, some facia and gutter repairs,
caulking and painting come to $2100.00


I do not spray Houses.
All is by hand brushing and some
rolling. Rolling is only on garage
doors and really large flat area's

For removing the old paint I hand
scrap, but I also use high pressure
air in the damaged area.
The high pressure air
removes far more old peeling paint
then power washing or wire hand
And as always a good primer is
added to all bare wood area's.
This was an apartment in Longmont. I
painted this living area, hallway,
Kitchen and main area ceiling
October 2008
I spent 6 days painting this house.
Replaced some boards, caulking,power washing
100% brush and roll
No  Spraying
It's almost like I'm a GREEN painter.
any electricity ( sander )
water to clean brushes and tarps are reused.
This house cost $2800.00 in labor and materials

I do alot of painting.
I do not take a lot or pictures.
Most of the time it's just white on
These people hired me for painting.
I painted the entry way, 1 hallway and
a staircase , Great room, kitchen and
dining room.
I also hung new lights in the kitchen
and did tile & grout repair on the main

Labor came to about $1800.00
Longmont Estates
I painted this home 99% by hand brush and very little rolling.
It needed a lot of sanding and prep work.
Customer picked 3 great colors.
Labor was $2700.00, paint and misc. materials came to another $315.00
I will be returning to stain the back deck.

Notice the stud in the left upper photo !
Sherman st. Longmont
I was very hard to get pictures of this home due to so many tree's
Another 100% Exterior paint job. I also repaired 3 gates, sanded
and stained 2 decks
Labor $2000  Materials came to $300.00
More pictures on right
Niwot office

I painted 6 walls in an office
They bought the paint
I charged $365.00 for labor
Longmont painter
Longmont handyman
Longmont windows
Longmont kitchen remodel
Longmont bathroom remodel
Longmont pest control
Longmont drywall
Longmont texture
Longmont doors installation
Longmont plumbing
Longmont Ceiling insulation
Longmont insulation
Lowes Lowe's Home Depot Budget Home Centers
Exterior Painting, new color was close
to the old color.
98% hand brushed
2% roller ( Garage Doors )
Painted shed ( not shown )
Painted base and trim
Labor $ 2600.00
Paint / Kwal $225.00
Niwot / Summer Set
Return trip, painted for this customer before
Removed red paint in the dinning room and painted
Labor $300.00
Painted sofits and gutters
Labor $750.00
Longmont Painter